Space Cooling

Trane’s effective rental space cooling solutions can sustain your team activities at construction sites, keep your equipment operational which in turn produces higher productivity results and less downtime.

Trane can provide its customers with a wide scope of space cooling applications including Wild Air solutions, warehouse/logistics storage facilities and temporary office cooling.

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Wild Air Solutions

Wild Air is one of the main temporary cooling applications required for projects under construction. Its main purpose is to provide a climate control solution on-site where the temperature is required to be between 26-30 degrees.

Warehouse-Cooling, process cooling

Warehouse Cooling

Whether you are planning a storage expansion or new facility cooling,  Trane’s diversified rental fleet of chillers, AHUs, DX package units are fit to serve the  purpose.

We keep your materials or sensitive products safe from any harm caused by exposure to extreme heat or unbearable humidity, especially in the extreme weather conditions found in the GCC region.

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Temporary / Site Offices

Trane recognises the diverse needs required  for the temporary cooling of offices whether in new community developments, construction sites or as temporary setups for retail sectors.

Customers approach us to provide feasible solutions in terms of efficiency and running cost optimization