Comfort Cooling

With years of expertise offering OEM facilities and comfort cooling solutions, Trane is your trusted partner. We offer the most modern and up to date chiller fleet in GCC to escalate your confidence in our service. Customers can rely on Trane’s experienced engineers, factory-authorized technicians and fully equipped fleet to provide solutions for all their comfort cooling Dubai requirements.

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District Cooling (DC)

DC applications require rapid, reliable and effective solutions.

Customers trust Trane for their chilled water network recovery plans, whether it is for planned maintenance or time-consuming repairs of the network.

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Supplemental Cooling

Trane can provide additional cooling for those times when your facility’s cooling loads exceed your current system’s capacity.

A rental option is a cost-effective, short-term solution for situations such as a spike in production or peak design conditions that will only last for a few months.

Trane has the experience and knowledge to deal with different site constraints such as chiller location.

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Emergency Cooling

Trane can provide emergency cooling solutions, meaning that you can get your HVAC system back up and running quickly in case of a natural disaster or unexpected equipment failure. Our emergency cooling solutions give your organization time to evaluate the best long-term solution while maintaining operations.

We offer purposely designed rental equipment deployed and delivered on-site in minimal time.

This solution is also ideal for organizations needing to repair, retrofit or replace current equipment.

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Breakdown / Planned Maintenance Recovery

Eliminate the time and pressure associated with getting your primary HVAC system back online. A rental system can provide continuous cooling during equipment change-outs or retrofits.

Trane offers fast and effective temporary rental solutions when dealing with a required repair or replacement.

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Long Term Solutions

If you are looking for an operating lease for the temporary cooling scope in your facility, Trane can provide a long-term rental option spanning six or more months utilizing its rental fleet.

Chillers can be supplied immediately with a payment plan matched to the client’s financial capabilities and budget. End users who are looking to replace their chillers without spending the 100% Capex value upfront can also benefit from this plan, along with OEM throughout the entire rental duration.

At Trane, we realize that it can become a difficulty when your commercial or residential space is too uncomfortable or your business fails to be productive due to a planned maintenance or a failed air conditioning system. Our comfort cooling services are available for rental and ensure that you do not have to battle with unbearable climates and have a perfectly balanced temperature within your interior space. Our HVAC equipment is available for rental in order to ensure that your comfort cooling solutions are met with ease. Whether you are considering district cooling in Dubai or another emergency cooling solution, we have got you covered. For comfort cooling in Dubai or other requirements you may need for rental, speak to one of our friendly agents for an obligation-free quote. Rent the ideal cooling solution to suit your budget and individual requirements with Trane.