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Applied vs Unitary Approach: Why It’s Better to Opt for a Comprehensive Cold Storage Solution

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Most – if not all – businesses around the UAE, across all sectors and industries, have a need for cold storage at one point in their operations or another. From companies in the medical field to those that deal with produce and perishables, it is vital to have a system in place that keeps products stored in a way that keeps them at the ideal temperature and safe at all times between production and marketing stages. 

For the longest time, businesses have been using an applied approach to their cold storage solution. However, this tends to be the more complex, space-consuming and costly method when it comes to cold storage solutions. Today, organisations can opt for a unitary approach to their cold storage solution including cold storage rental.

In this article, we explore the differences between an applied and unitary approach to cold storage solutions for businesses. 

Applied vs Unitary – which approach is better?


In the simplest of terms, an applied approach to this means that their cold storage rooms and vehicles consist of multiple, separate machinery that is connected together to create a cold storage space – usually consisting of a low-temperature chiller, low-temperature fan coil, hoses, cables, buffer tank and more. With an applied approach, businesses have the advantage of having unlimited space to store products and goods, but it is quite an expensive solution. 

A unitary approach, on the other hand, offers a one-box solution to cold storage – with everything you need in one single container. When using Trane cold storage solutions, the unitary approach comprises the Magnum Plus, with a range of -40 to +30 degrees Celsius (with an accuracy of +/- 0.25 degrees Celsius). However, the one-box solution is limited to a container size of usually 10, 20 or 40 feet, but will be much more cost-effective than an applied approach.

Risks of an applied approach


The biggest risk attached to an applied approach is that it could lead to a broken cold chain, which, in turn, will negatively impact your business. Below are a few relevant facts that we have collected in regard to broken cold chains in companies:

25% of vaccines reach their destination in a degraded state because of incorrect shipping.

– Almost 30% of scrapped sales at pharmaceutical companies can be attributed to logistics issues.

– Almost 20% of temperature-sensitive healthcare products are damaged during transport due to a broken cold chain.

– Approximately $35 billion is lost annually as a result of failures in temperature-controlled logistics.

As you can see, the applied approach is an effective method as a cold storage solution but comes with a great risk that could jeopardise your business. When applying Trane’s unitary approach, however, companies have the unique opportunity to have a single cold storage solution that comes with many benefits, including:

– Safe storage of COVID-19 vaccinations

– Safeguarding from cold weather-related outages

– Effective cold transport and storage

– Aid cold store manufacturers

– Mitigates risk and acts as an insurance policy

–  Fast tracks projects

Who can benefit from a unitary approach?


Any business across any sector or industry can benefit from Trane’s unitary approach to their cold storage system if they:

– Transport pharmaceuticals, food, technology components and any other products that require a low temperature when being moved from point A to point B.

– Need short-term storage for vaccines and other medical storage that needs to be kept between -70 to +30 degrees Celsius.

– Need to mitigate the risks of outages of cold storage components in every business.

– Need long-term warehousing for blood plasma and active pharmaceutical ingredients storage. 



What market applications can this approach be applied to?


Trane’s unitary approach to cold storage has a wide range of market applications, with the most prominent ones being for:

– Vaccines, including types known for COVID-19 inoculation

– Active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)

– Biological material, such as samples

– Blood plasma and biological life

– Food ingredients, such as yoghurt cultures

– Chemical enzymes, like those found in detergents and washing powder

– 3D printing components

– High-tech semiconductor components

– R&D material and validation testing, which are often used in automotive, aviation, wind power, off-shore and oil-and-gas parts

– Processed seafood and freshly caught fish, such as tuna and crab

– Phase Change Material (PCM) storage and preparation

– Pre-treated composite materials

The flexibility of the Magnum Plus


The best part about this unitary approach is the wide range of flexibility it offers businesses, including:

– Can be used for storage and/or transportation over both sea or land.

– Ideal for stationary warehousing.

– Benefit from global distribution through containerised shipping/logistics.

– Easy to move between sites with a forklift and/or flatbed chassis.

– Runs on multiple power sources, including generators that operate on diesel and innate electric power.

Trane one box cold storage solution


If you’re thinking about upgrading your cold storage solution from an applied approach to a unitary approach, then you’ve come to the right place. Trane offers an effective and optimised solution to meet any business’s cold storage needs. It is:

Magnum Plus

If your company does not need an ultra-low temperature solution, then consider Trane’s cold storage solution – the Magnum Plus.

Key offerings include:

– Temperature range of -40 to +30 degrees Celsius with a temperature accuracy of +/- 0.25 degrees Celsius. 

– Accurate temperature control

– Wide ambient range

– Fully-electric or diesel option with generator set

– Real-time 27/7 visibility

– ISO standard for containerised shipping

– GDP certified

– Fits multiple size containers – 10, 20 and 40 feet

– Available for purchase or rental

– Can be used for transport or storage globally.

Get in touch with our highly skilled and experienced cold storage rental experts to discuss how we can assist your business.