Process Cooling

Trane offers a diverse range of process cooling solutions which cater to a wide range of businesses including those within the Food & Beverage, Cement, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Plastics industries. 

Our mutual vision with our customers is to apply energy-saving innovations so they can achieve the comfort they want and the savings they deserve.



Better known as a chiller, process cooling uses mechanical refrigeration to remove heat from a process. Trane’s process cooling solutions can be used in several applications, from machine tools to food processing and packaging to medical imaging equipment, and much more. Furthermore, process cooling can maintain a constant fluid temperature and flow, regardless of the load. 

Process cooling solutions serve three main functions. First, it removes excess heat from the engine. Second, it maintains the engine operating temperature where it works most efficiently. And, lastly, it brings the engine up to the right operating temperature as quickly as possible.



There are many reasons why Trane’s process cooling rental solutions make for the ideal solution. Here’s why:



Whether you’re downsizing your business or expanding, renting a chiller system allows you to easily adapt your process cooling solution to fit your needs at any given moment without any pain or hassle. This is especially convenient for companies that might need to expand their capacity with seasonal changes.




Process cooling rentals save time and effort as the rental fee covers everything, from regular maintenance and servicing to replacing damaged units.


Guaranteed quality & safety:

Renting a high-quality process cooling unit from an established firm like Trane means you can rest assured that you’ll be receiving a quality, functional and safe machine, as well as imparting the necessary training on operating the equipment.



Trane’s process cooling equipment uses advanced technology that ensures less power consumption. Furthermore, our chillers have a high Coeffcient of Performance (CoP), which results in a much easier installation and leaves a smaller carbon footprint.



Avoid the costly investment that comes with purchasing process cooling systems by making monthly payments that are easier on the budget and allow for better cash flow. Not to mention that you enjoy 100% savings on potential repair and maintenance work. 


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Industrial Applications

Whether short term or long-term solutions; Trane can provide lump sum service including supply, installation & commissioning. Industrial applications like temperature control solution in terms of chilled water supply, negative degrees/glycol applications require a customized chilled water solution. Trane fleet diversity of chiller units’ sizes ranges from 200-1400 KW of cooling can serve the purpose.

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Backup Cooling

Such applications require dedicated projects approach including equipment supply, setup, commissioning and monitoring efforts for covering gaps at customer site.

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Emergency Cooling

It is not that easy to share responsibility with customers and work closely on their emergency cooling requirements. It is a matter of full dedication, devotion, and ownership. That’s how Trane Rental Services team distinguish from others. Overnight emergencies is not a nightmare anymore. Trane rental services team are well equipped and capable for fulfilling your pop-up cooling needs.

Learn more about our emergency cooling services here.