Events Cooling

Trane works in partnership with well-known event management companies, utilizing our experience in temporary cooling/temperature control for landmark events to create bespoke client solutions. Event planning starts with choosing the right HVAC equipment. Trane has the depth of experience necessary to provide impeccable temperature control and air management round the clock in challenging event environments no matter what the season. Trane rental units are the most robust, reliable, versatile and efficient on the market – making them perfect for all types of events in terms of efficiency, durability, and neatness.

We cater to both small- and large-scale events, providing the most efficient events cooling solutions suited to our clients’ requirements regarding an event cooling rental in Dubai and the broader UAE environment.

As an industry leader, we provide the most cost-effective and tailor-made, customized solutions specific to the needs of the event location. Trane is skilled in adjusting to the requirements and specifications of each unique event, ensuring that our event cooling solutions are suitable and fully optimized. We work directly with the event management companies to agree on the sizes and cooling solutions most suitable for the specific event. Our equipment is directly aligned with the necessary quality and safety guidelines, and we assist our clients throughout the process, from assessment and recommendations through to the installation phase.

We take into consideration a number of factors when assisting clients on the right cooling solutions for their event. Some of these factors include the predicted temperatures on the day, the type of activity taking place, the amount of people in a space, the time of day or evening, and whether there are other factors which may affect the cooling, such as other heat-generating appliances or equipment.

Our temporary events cooling fleet is ideal for the intense climates common in the UAE. Our equipment ranges from our heavy-duty cooling systems like our industrial air handling systems, to solutions used for dehumidification and wild air cooling. Our event cooling systems are a great solution to keeping your event cool and achieving the perfect climate for your special occasion.

Whether you need events cooling solutions for tent cooling, outdoor events, sporting events, for hospitality cooling or for temporary spot cooling, we have got you covered with the best cooling solutions to suit your needs and budget. Trust Trane to get the job done right, with our efficient technicians and expert staff able to customize the best solution for you and your event.