Trane EaaSy

HVAC systems are needed by many companies to provide the necessary cooling or heating required for process or comfort. It’s a major part of production that cannot be overlooked or treated lightly, which means that it typically requires a significant investment.

It is a complex piece of equipment that is traditionally a fixed asset or fixed cost. However, businesses continue to scale up and down rapidly in today’s day and age, with their cooling and heating needs following suit. This poses a consequential problem as these constant changes in demand often conflict with the static nature of the installation of an HVAC system.

Put simply, your business is spending vast amounts on adapting your system to fall in line with fluctuating demands that often result in costly expenditure. Equipment repairs, replacements and upgrades are all heavy expenses that require substantial capital investments. And even then, it’s not without risk. So, it’s a good thing we have the perfect solution.

It’s time to ReThink your HVAC operations and transform your business with Trane’s EaaSy service.

What is Trane EaaSy?

Trane EaaSy is a rental program that provides Equipment as a Service (Eaas-y) that can be used by businesses for a short- or long-term period. What this essentially means is that you get the equipment you require to provide cooling and heating for your business while only paying for what you need, without the risk and burden of ownership.

Get what you need, when you need it

When using Trane’s EaaSy service, you:

    • Get a flexible solution without having to invest in a fixed asset.
    • Pay for the capacity you actually need and not a cent more.
    • Get to make an easy change to more powerful and efficient equipment.
    • Get to put an end to unpredictable maintenance headaches.
    • Have more time to focus on what you do best – running your business.

How does it work?

Once our Trane engineers and technicians have assessed and determined exactly what your business operations require, they will then suggest the right equipment to meet your needs and budget. Trane EaaSy is a flexible and customisable solution that allows you to enjoy full control of your operating costs with lower risks at an agreed-upon and all-inclusive monthly rate.

Why ReThink with Trane EaaSy?

It’s now easier than ever to transform your operation:

    • EaaSy Financials: turn capital investments into an operating expense, lower your financial risk, and only pay for what you use.
    • EaaSy Flexibility: enjoy added flexibility with your equipment capacity to meet increasing or decreasing seasonal and operational needs, varied duration rates for equipment in use, in standby on- or off-site, and optional 24/7 support or remote monitoring.
    • EaaSy Elimination of Risk: enjoy a warranty on all parts, maintenance and repairs, continuous access to the latest technology, the most sustainable solutions, and the lowest possible energy consumption.

Trane services

At Trane, we are committed to providing a comprehensive portfolio of HVAC solutions throughout the system lifecycle. These include:

    • Breakdown resolution: our expert Service Engineers make use of the latest diagnostic tools to guide you through your options to Repair, Renew, Replace or ReThink.
    • Secure operations: at every point during the lifetime of your equipment – including installation, commissioning, maintenance and breakdowns – Trane can offer an effective solution with commissioning, first-aid kits and service agreements.
    • System upgrade: Trane is committed to bringing the latest technological advantages to our customers through a wide portfolio of solutions that increase the efficiency, reliability and sustainability of their HVAC plants. Our Service Engineers use their expertise together with the latest diagnostic tools to future-proof your system and make it “better than before.”
    • Equipment rental: for special events, emergency pop-ups or when you want to ReThink your HVAC management, Trane Rental Services boasts the right solution. With our extensive fleet of equipment, we can meet and exceed your temporary heating and cooling requirements.
    • Constant contact: with more than 1,000 of the best trained sales engineers and service technicians in the industry, Trane is in the best position to serve your needs. Just call us and we will help you select the ideal Trane EaaSy solution.