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A Design-Built Solution

trane case study a design built

Dairy Production Company in Abu Dhabi required a design-built solution in order to increase the efficiency of production processes and operations of equipment.

Objective 1: Dairy production team has a demand to achieve -7C degree for throe Juice and milk production and delivery process
Objective 2: Maintaining water temperature stored in the main vessel in order to feed Camels, Cows, Sheep, and Goat compartments.

The regular ambient temperature in the following customer province at peak summer approaches 55 degrees Celsius. And achieving the desired temperature was a big challenge.

Additional Scope Details:
Piping insulation, Glycol solution, and Cabling containments are required to maintain factory safety standards

Supply & Installation of RTAF 310 HSE x 1 – 1 x 800KVA DG – (Blast Chiller) + maintain glycol percentage in the system + pumps + Pressurizing system + Chemical dosing pot, besides regularly monitoring the % of Glycol.

Supply & Installation of RTAC 400 x 1 + Pump + PHE + buffer tank + Liquid Static Pressure Switch.