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Backing up an HVAC system

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A Pioneer FMCG Company in Dubai requested a chiller system as a backup for their HVAC system & process cooling to be starting within short notice due to life production concerns.

There were chilled water connection challenges relating to the current main header provision and
further modifications need to be done by Trane Rental Operations Team.

Supply & installation of piping and cabling containment required for maintaining factory
restrict safety standards.

RTAC300 x 1 No. along with centrifugal water pump 45L/S, Flexible chilled water piping,
Cabling and other system ancillaries. The system was supplied, installed, and started in 5 hours.




1. How often do I need to replace my HVAC system air filters?

This will depend on the amount of pet dander, dust and other contaminants that accumulate in your HVAC system. Your local climate is also a big consideration. Air filters should thus be changed every month or so and should be regularly checked to determine whether it is dirty or not.

2. How can I benefit from a temporary HVAC equipment rental?

Companies like Trane that specialise in temporary HVAC equipment rental generally include maintenance upkeep within the rental contract. Additionally, an HVAC rental is ideal for when your main HVAC system requires maintenance, ensuring that your workforce experiences optimal temperatures for enhanced productivity and minimal disruption. A temporary HVAC equipment rental enables minimal operational downtime and optimal indoor air quality.

3. How do I know that TRANE is a reliable HVAC company in the Middle East?

Trane Rental Services is well-known for being an expert and established HVAC manufacturing company specialising in cooling solutions such as an HVAC rental. With its roots tracing back to 1885, Trane MEA launched its Rental Services Division in 2013. Trane also offers comprehensive HVAC services alongside our fleet of innovative cooling systems available for rental.

4. How do I know which HVAC equipment will suit my needs and budget?

Trane’s expert technicians are dispatched to assess your environment. We will then make recommendations based on your unique requirements and budget, and also install the HVAC equipment should you decide to rent a unit from us.

5. How can I find a suitable HVAC equipment rental?

Finding a dependable supplier of an HVAC equipment rental is crucial, particularly within the Middle Eastern context where operational downtime and comfort cooling is of utmost importance. Contact one of our expert agents to make an inquiry and commence with acquiring a suitable HVAC equipment rental solution for you.

6. Does Trane specialise in an emergency rental service?

Trane is well-versed in providing our clients with a cooling solution in emergency situations. Whether your current system has failed or your business has to plan for the scheduled maintenance of your electrical substations, our fully trained rental service team is able to effectively deal with all your emergencies.

7. How quickly is Trane able to provide me with HVAC equipment rental?

Trane offers our temporary HVAC equipment rental solutions to businesses that require an on-demand service. We are able to quickly and efficiently source the most suitable HVAC solution that meets your unique needs.