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A manufacturer of several construction and packaging products that span both food grade and industrial materials. Injection molding, thermoforming and vacuum forming processes are utilised during the production of these products.


Following our usual procedures, a sales engineer was visiting the premises of an existing client to obtain feedback on our work. During the visit, the engineer saw technicians working on a chiller in the adjacent manufacturing plant and upon inquiring, found that it had broken down. With the help of our client, we were able to get in touch with the Plant Manager and set up a meeting.


Upon meeting the Plant Manager of the adjacent facility explained that he had limited power and struggled to run both the production plant and chiller simultaneously. Furthermore, they needed to maintain a temperature range of 20 to 25 degrees Celsius within the plant. However, the capacity of the storage tank was not sufficient enough to support production demand in both volume of water and maintaining water temperature within the required range. 


To remedy the problem, we proposed that they add two more insulated water tanks with a capacity of nearly 3,000 litres and 2,500 litres, respectively, to the existing system, and run our chiller once they stopped production for the day as well as throughout the night. By doing this, our new customer was able to use the available power without spending money on an extra feeder for electricity or adding a diesel generator. Furthermore, production runs smoothly without any unexpected shutdowns. 

Overall, our solution maintains the desired water temperature within the storage tanks, which provides processed water for the injection molding and thermoforming machines during the day.