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Providing Effective Heating Solutions to Companies

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Trane provides sustainable, quick and safe heating rental solutions for space heating, domestic hot water, process heating and many other applications that require hot air or warm or hot water. Our services can offer the heating that client’s need in any shape and capacity, while our engineers make use of our extensive fleet of heat pumps, air handlers and rooftops to provide heating in the most efficient and reliable way possible. Read on to find out how Trane helped a client obtain the optimal heating solution for their business.


A multinational MFG Company whose existing system could benefit from a more efficient and optimized heating solution.

Main scope of supply:

The HVAC system Trane supplied comprised the heat pump RTSF060 with 1 Nos., and pumps and accessories were included with the installation. Controls provided were a supply of Tracer SC+, the Tracer SC panel enclosure with 24 VAC power supply. Programming and commissioning covered point logging to retrieve all information from 1 Nos. heat pump to Tracer SC+. And, lastly, the installation of the panel also included cable pulling, cable supply and terminations.

Challenges and solutions:

As the client wasn’t fully convinced that they needed Trane’s heating rental service, our first challenge was to do a live demonstration by diffusing our heat pump in the client’s production process. This trial then showed the client in real-time how incorporating our heating pump as a pre-heating function to their boiler is more efficient and beneficial than their current system.

Beyond the trial, to put any doubts the client may have to rest, we needed to justify why they needed Trane’s heating rental solution for their business. We did this by highlighting the benefits they could reap from using the solar hot water system, such as saving power and cutting down on utility bills.

Once the client was satisfied with what they were hearing, the deal was closed. However, the challenges didn’t end there. Next, we needed to figure out how best to integrate the heat pump into the client’s existing system and storage tank without disrupting ongoing operations. This issue was solved by taking the time to properly understand the client’s system through brainstorming sessions with the company’s team and creating a viable solution that was acceptable to the maintenance team.

The final challenge we encountered was during the initial system setup. Here, we found that the client’s permanent pump could not provide sufficient flow for Trane’s heat pump to operate properly. To remedy this, we immediately sourced an additional pump with the proper pipe size to allow for the right amount of flow. Additionally, the extra pump also ensures that the client’s piping won’t burst at any point.


A problem the client had with their solar panel system for heating was that it was not effective during the night time and winter season. However, with Trane’s heat pumps as an alternative, the client could then continue to cut down on operational costs by using chilled and hot water during these times.

To correct the errant temperature control with the solar panel system, we submitted part load performance of the heat pump and compared the energy consumption to their ongoing system. The results of this test proved that Trane’s heating solution could help the company save energy and money.

Why did the client choose Trane?

Firstly, Trane is the only rental supplier in the market that has heat pumps as part of its fleet as a stock sufficient for such applications.

Secondly, Trane’s team took the time to fully understand the client’s current system, crafted a viable plan of action and fitted the ideal Trane product solution that would deliver more efficient results for the company.

Thirdly, Trane’s heating solution reduces the boiler’s energy consumption, as well as the client receiving free cooling from the improved system. As a result of Trane’s heating solution enabling the client to achieve the company’s required KPIs in less time with less energy consumption, they also cut down on costs and save money in the process.

Lastly, with Trane’s heating solution, the client has access to our maintenance and repair services that ensures the company avoids losing hundreds of thousands of dollars on the production line if any breakdowns occur.

If you would like to learn more about Trane’s heating rental services and solutions, get in touch and talk to one of our experts.