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Chiller Rental Services with Trane EaaSy – An EaaSier Way to Transform Your Business

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Many businesses across several industries require a chiller system at some point in their processes to maintain functional and efficient day-to-day operations. And although so many organisations need an HVAC system for their business, you’ll be surprised to learn that many of these companies choose to rent this equipment rather than purchase it once-off.

Traditionally a fixed asset/fixed cost, this significant piece of equipment is now available for long term rentals – with this now becoming the preferred option among business owners.

Trane Rental Services offers a wide variety of heating, cooling & cold storage solutions that creates and sustains safe, comfortable and efficient work environments for buildings and industrial processes. And on top of the great work we were doing before, Trane is now providing companies with an easier way to transform their business for the better.

It’s time to ReThink your approach to HVAC with Trane EaaSy rental services.

What is Trane EaaSy?
HVAC systems are needed by many companies to provide cooling or heating for process or comfort. It’s a major part of production that cannot be overlooked or treated lightly, which means that it requires a significant investment.

Businesses continue to scale up and down rapidly, with their cooling and heating needs following suit. This poses a consequential problem as these constant changes in demand often conflict with the static nature of the installation of an HVAC system.

Put simply, your business is spending vast amounts on adapting your system to fall in line with demand, which ends up being a costly expense. Equipment repairs, replacements and upgrades are all costly expenses that require substantial capital investments. And even then, it’s not without risk. So, it’s a good thing we have the perfect solution – Trane EaaSy.

Trane EaaSy is a rental program that provides Equipment as a Service (Eaas-y) that can be used by businesses for long-term rental. What this essentially means is that you get the necessary equipment to provide the cooling and heating, while only paying for what you need, without the risk and burden of ownership.

Get what you need, when you need it – when using Trane’s EaaSy service, you get:
A flexible solution, not a fixed asset
Pay for the capacity you actually need and not a cent more
An easy change to more powerful and efficient equipment
An end to maintenance headaches
More time to focus on what you do best – running your business

How does it work?
Once our Trane Engineers have assessed and determined exactly what your business operations require, they will then suggest the right equipment to meet your needs. Trane EaaSy is a flexible and customisable solution that enables you to enjoy full control of your operating costs with lower risks at an agreed-upon and all-inclusive monthly rate.

Why should you use Trane EaaSy rental services?
A revolutionary approach
There’s no longer a need to invest in and own an HVAC system, as Trane’s revolutionary approach can meet all your needs, whether it’s a repair, an upgrade or replacement. Our Equipment-as-a-Service solution utilises the latest technology for zero risk and maximum flexibility. When using Trane EaaSy rental services, you can expect total reliability and total availability.

Better financials
Trane EaaSy solution enables businesses to turn a traditional capital investment into an operating expense. This might sound ideal, but it actually provides a win-win situation. An operating expense lowers your financial risk and with our EaaSy service, you’ll only pay for what you use.
The Equipment-as-a-Service approach transforms a fixed asset into a dynamic system with the flexibility to meet your needs as they evolve. In other words, you’ll:
Have full control of operating costs
Pay for what you use
Have a fixed monthly rate
Have the latest technology
Get full coverage of maintenance and warranty
Enjoy the highest reliability and availability, with the lowest financial risk
Eliminate the resistance created by a long payback period
Enjoy positive net results of the TBA initiative from the very first day
Have access to all Trane products, which can be made EaaSy

More flexibility
Flex your equipment capacity to meet increasing or decreasing seasonal and operational needs, varied duration rates for equipment in use, on standby on- or off-site, and optional 24/7 support or remote monitoring. In other words, Trane will upgrade your equipment to meet your ever-changing needs as your business evolves. Not to mention, that any new Trane chillers released with better functionality and efficiency will be accessible to you with one simple upgrade request.

Elimination of risk
Rethinking your approach to HVAC with Trane EaaSy comes with 24/7 assistance (where available), maintenance and full coverage.

When using Trane EaaSy services for long-term rental, you’ll enjoy a warranty on all parts, maintenance and repairs, continuous access to the latest technology, the most sustainable solutions, and the lowest possible energy consumption.

Trane Select Agreement is a full-coverage maintenance plan designed to prevent, correct and maintain your HVAC system at maximum performance. Ranging from inspection visits to system analysis, the agreement meets complete equipment and operational requirements.

Furthermore, it covers all the preventive and predictive maintenance included in Select Agreement 2 plus heat exchanger tube testing, while Trane Select Agreement 3 ensures that your equipment lifecycle is extended as your operating costs decrease.

Additionally, Trane Select Agreement 3 full coverage includes full parts replacement and compressor coverage, as well as labour and refrigerant during the routine interventions.

The more sustainable solution
Now more than ever before, natural resources are limited and sustainability is no longer optional for businesses. Trane EaaSy allows clients to share the same equipment and, thereby, halves the impact on the planet.

In this approach, Trane Rental Services are the centre point between two customers who can share the same piece of equipment, fully utilised across the year, without the need to build a second machine.
The eco-friendly benefits of using the Trane EaaSy rental program:
Cut consumption of natural resources by 50%: When two or more customers share the same piece of equipment, we eliminate the need to build an extra unit, thus reducing the consumption of copper, aluminium, steel and energy.

As good as owning your own equipment: Trane deals with all logistics, commissioning and maintenance aspects to deliver the same – or better – service level compared to a traditional ownership model.

Trane reliability, efficiency and service coverage: All our rental equipment is perfectly maintained according to the highest standards. Our customers can count on our extensive network of service engineers for outstanding 24/7 support.

Other details you need to know
Whether you need Trane EaaSy as a long-term rental service, you can expect:
Duration up to 9 years, with optional upgrades
Full new-for-old replacement on renewal of contract
3 rates:
In use
In standby at customer premises
In standby at Trane warehouse
Trane Select level 3 throughout the agreement
Optional 24/7 assistance
Optional remote monitoring

Get in contact with us today to learn more about how Trane EaaSy rental services can transform your business for the better.