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Space cooling solutions for the construction industry

Construction sites can be a pretty stressful, loud, and uncomfortable environment to be in. This is why temporary cooling solutions for the construction industry are essential for those always on the construction site. The best of these solutions is Wild Air Cooling. 

Wild air is one of the primary cooling solutions needed for projects that are under construction. The main purpose for Wild Air is to provide a climate control solution to be utilized on site where the required temperature is between 26-30 degrees. 

Trane space cooling solutions for the construction industry 

Trane has been one of the leading temporary cooling solutions providers for many years, making a name for itself throughout the Middle East, Africa With Trane, clients are consistently guaranteed the very best temporary cooling solutions.  This is because Trane provides clients with a variety of space cooling applications that include; Wild air solutions, warehouse/logistics storage facilities and temporary office cooling. 

As usual, expect nothing but the best performance-wise because we operate by considering our customer’s needs and the industry in which our solutions are being used.

By choosing our Air handling unit, you stand to benefit from the following: 

  • Superior Performance 

Designed to fit and provide for your specific needs, Wild air solution is guaranteed to provide your building with a superior performance experience

  • Lower Installed costs 

Our air handler has various features designed to reduce installation time and cost. 

  • Humidity Control

It controls the humidity and high temperatures found on-site during the peak summer months 

  • Temperature Consistency 

Helps take care of the interior design and finishing works that need to be in a consistent room temperature to cure correctly and avoid any damage resulting having to redo the work 

  • Sustained Activity

Wild air cooling helps sustain activity on-site during the building closure phase 

Choose Trane to offer you high-quality space cooling solutions for the construction industry. 

With everything considered, that being undeniable experience and expertise, there isn’t a better place to get your temporary cooling solutions, especially the best space cooling solutions for the construction industry. Speak to one of our experts today.