Why choose Trane to provide your event cooling solutions in the Middle East?

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Trane temporary cooling solutions – event cooling solutions in the Middle East

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Planning events in a hot climate can be a nightmare for any event company if you do not have the correct chilling and cooling systems for your clients’ food, drinks, and overall space. Places like the Middle East are notorious for having sweltering temperatures, making any business event hard to enjoy for guests if there isn’t a cooling system in place. 

This is where Trane event cooling solutions in the Middle East come in. Trane offers high-end temporary cooling solutions in the Middle East at affordable prices. The expertise provided by Trane is unmatched and can be tailored to your cooling needs. This article will discuss some of the event cooling solutions you can find and hire offered by Trane. 

Why choose Trane to provide your event cooling solutions in the Middle East?

Trane is an award-winning cooling and heating solutions systems provider. We offer high-end heating and cooling needs that are energy efficient and economical. Trane provides customers with tailored solutions for homes and buildings, whether you are renting or purchasing.

Trane chillers for event cooling solutions in the Middle East

Make your next event an enjoyable place to be, whether you are hosting it at home or work. Keep your building cool and tolerable for your guests with event cooling solutions by Trane. With various chillers available in different sizes, there is no doubt you can find your ideal cooling solution for your building.

Trane air-cooled chillers passed the quality check because of Tranes’ unmatched global experience in the art of HVAC design. Our event cooling Solutions are manufactured using proven technology and held up to the highest standards and specifications; that way, they are developed to deliver optimal cooling that aligns with what your building or home needs while saving you money and guaranteeing reliability for numerous years.

Get a Trane cooler for your event cooling solutions in the Middle East. Wherever you will host your event, no matter the size of the building, Trane has you covered. If it’s value you are looking for, keep in mind that our RTAG/RTAF units are designed and engineered to give business owners top-tier air conditioning at a low cost, so the budget for your event won’t dip due to cooling solutions costs. 

Trane does not treat cooling and heating solutions as products; instead, they are viewed as services that need to be provided with the utmost care and precision, and this is why getting a chiller from us is a service that we give to you for your building or process. 

Trane cooling solutions offer:

  • Low energy consumption, high total (EER) and part (ESEER) load efficiencies 
  • Silent operation, they are so discreet your guests will not be distracted or even realize there is an air cooling solution at work. 
  • Reliability, the main components are manufactured by Trane 
  • A user-friendly control interface and interoperability that comes with a building automation system 
  • A reduced refrigerant charge 

Get your Trane chiller and optimize your building cooling system for your event and guests. Trane chillers are available in the following sizes: 


















Trane has the amazing R134a in our rental fleet for your rental needs. Specialized event cooling is just one of our temporary cooling rental solutions in the Middle East. Get in touch with our highly skilled and experienced rental agents to discuss how we can assist you with your event cooling requirements.