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Why district cooling companies should go for Trane unit rentals

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Since countries around the globe are banding together and individually to produce better air quality to reduce carbon emissions, district cooling has become a solution for many. This is because district cooling is capable of improving air quality and helping in lowering emission levels. But, some areas still need a bit of convincing to make the green shift from using chiller units to now using district cooling.

District cooling companies bare the brunt of ensuring that their units are always up to par and that can be costly. Which is why it is such a relief to know that Trane provides the service of rental units which only helps district cooling companies do more for much less.

This article will discuss why district cooling companies should opt for Trane unit rentals.

Capital expenses vs. Operating expenses
When companies choose to purchase units it is financially regarded as a capital expenditure, whereas when renting is the chosen option it is regarded as an operational expenditure.

The benefit of renting a unit is that rental units can provide a backup alternative to address peak load requirements for cooling and heating, as opposed to purchasing a standby unit just in case.

If scheduled maintenance is required, Trane rental units can keep cooling loads constant while the district cooling units are being repaired and put back into service.

Why district cooling companies should opt for Trane rentals
When you require quick, dependable, and affordable solutions, Trane Rental Services can provide them. All rental equipment from Trane Rental Services is energy-efficient, and our staff works to save waste by advising only the equipment you actually need. This means that we can also assist you in achieving your sustainability goals.

District cooling uses relatively little space and reduces the building owners’ increased maintenance costs. Manufacturing chilled water in a power facility is significantly more cost-effective than employing equipment within buildings.
With a Trane rental unit, companies get to save more on costs because the upkeep and maintenance of the unit is taken care of ad so is the installation too.

Energy efficient
Trane is dedicated to ensuring that we play our part when it comes to being kind to th environment while we provide high-end quality services to our clients. Trane rental units are designed to be efficient and sustainable, which will work in all district cooling companies favour because this means you get to actively practice sustainability just from renting from us.

Trane technology is advanced
We offer the same cutting-edge technology that has elevated Trane to the top of our sector. Our rental units offer clients access to cutting-edge, innovative technologies such as the following:
-Updated fleets of the newest models
-Building control system compatibility
-Capabilities for remote monitoring and troubleshooting

Installation is quick and easy
Our technology has been altered to make installation and use simple.
-Integrated lifting frame for use with a forklift or overhead crane
-Modified for fast connections
-Designed for sturdiness and portability to serve clients throughout the Middle East

Final thoughts
Contact Trane for all your cooling solutions. We have the answers to all your questions and are always available to assist you.