Why you should choose Cold Storage Rental

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Cold storage rental as a temporary cooling solution in the Middle East

Why you should choose Cold Storage Rental

Why you should choose Cold Storage Rental 

Many business owners choose to buy cold storage containers, which is often a good idea at first but later turns out to be more costly in the long run due to the need for ongoing maintenance and repairs. In this article, we discuss the benefits of renting cold storage in the Middle East for businesses looking for a more reliable way to manage their overheads in a demanding environment. 

What are the benefits of cold storage rental? 


Although it may seem like a false economy at first, cold storage rentals are an affordable option compared to buying units because you skip the part of having to maintain and repair your cold storage constantly. In the long run, this saves money which you can invest back into your business, in addition renting saves you the headache of having to source a replacement storage unit in the event the one you own breaks down and stops working efficiently.


Cold storage rentals are convenient because they can meet your seasonal, temporary cooling rental solutions, or emergency storage needs, which avoids the wastage of spoiled stock caused by inconsistent or incorrect temperatures in an inadequate storage unit. 

Desired Temperature Control

Quality cold storage rentals from renowned suppliers come with precise temperature controls that allow you to have full control over the environment no matter where you may be storing your produce.


Cold storage rentals are ideal for stock that is often in transit. You save money when you are able to transport your stock to the required destination while it is in storage. Spoiling often occurs due to changes in temperature when moving stock from one place to another during transit, having the reliability of young units will ensure that your stock remains fresh throughout its journey.

Trane’s Cold Storage Solutions 



Trane cold storage solutions offer a comprehensive cold storage solution to a variety of businesses across all sectors and Industries week later to companies from the medical field to those that deal with produce and perishables choosing our unitary cold storage solution known as Magnum plus is the surest way to ensure your products are stored at Ideal temperatures and kept safe at all times between the production and marketing stages. 

The Magnum Plus is an effective solution that meets all your cold storage needs. This one-box solution is everything you need in one container; including a temperature range of -42 + 30 degrees Celsius, a temperature accuracy of +/-0.25 degrees Celsius, and accurate temperature control with a wide range. The Magnum plus is available in different sizes from 10 to 40 ft. It is available for rental and can be used for global transport as it can travel on land and the sea, it can even be used just for storage the added benefit of the Magnum plus is that it has the feature of safeguarding from cold weather-related outages and it is effective for transport and storage.

Trane storage rentals are the ideal choice when considering renting a cold storage container because they offer you flexibility, convenience, and accuracy for all your storage needs. The Magnum plus storage system can store anything from technology components to pharmaceuticals, and fresh produce.

Trane Rental Services is your single-source solution for temporary HVAC equipment providing full turn-key rental solutions from assessment, to recommendation, to installation. Cold storage rental is just one of our temporary cooling rental solutions in the Middle East. Get in touch with our highly skilled and experienced rental agents to discuss how we can assist your business today.