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Wild Air Cooling and it’s benefits.

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Wild Air Cooling is a great solution for those seeking the following benefits.

Objectives of temporary cooling solution at the site (Wild Air):

  • Controlling the humidity and high ambient temperatures found on-site during the peak summer months.
  • Interior design/finishing works require a consistent room temperature in order to cure correctly, without damage and the resulting double work.
  • Sustaining activity on-site during the building closure phase; consequently the increase of humidity and indoor air temperature levels.


  • Accommodating Wild Air system components at a busy site due to space limitations.
  • Matching the sub-schedules that may pop up before or while the system starts.
  • The flexibility of maintenance schedules and operation team response at the site.
  • Catering to the needs of temporary cooling using rental chillers while new  equipment is arriving as per project schedule.