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Energy Saving Through Renting Process Cooling Solutions

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Trane is a professional company that provides tailor-made solutions to all of our clients. We take into account the unique needs and requirements of the job specification and the client after conducting a site inspection. Trane met with a premium food engineering team to address the issues they were experiencing in terms of their in-house chiller system and provided a customised solution. Below we discuss the challenges the client faced, the solution we presented, and the energy-saving and cost-saving results which would be achieved after we deployed our process cooling solution to the required site.

The Process Cooling Challenge

Trane recently met with a national food engineering team to discuss the challenges they faced with the efficiency of their in-house chiller system to identify ways that a solution can be presented to resolve the issue. The in-house system supported the refrigeration system of the chiller plant. It was also utilised for the process cooling of their chilled water supply which was required for other machinery on site. The chiller posed issues regarding the efficiency of the system at a time when operational demand was high. Additionally, the cost of a capital investment needed to install a brand-new system would result in a Capital Expenditure problem.

Trane’s Solution

Once the client’s challenges and requirements were understood, Trane’s rental team presented a detailed and comprehensive solution to the issues faced. With the existing system not being efficient enough, Trane’s rental team utilised the Trane Chiller Plant Analyser (TCPA) tool to design the solution to meet the client’s requirements, which included an energy-saving alternative. We also extracted data from the existing chiller system and compared the results with our process cooling rental solution. 

The features of Trane’s 300TR chiller rental solution:

  • Skid-mounted heat exchanger with built-in pump
  • Primary and secondary pumps
  • Glycol dosing and pressurised for chilled water network safety

The national food engineering team would utilise the process cooler rental, which would spare the costs that would have been exhausted on installing a more permanent process cooling alternative. Trane suggested that they rent a process cooling solution as it was the best option to meet the demands of cooling that they required during peak seasons.

Energy-saving results and reduction in operating costs

The results were as follows in terms of how much cost savings they would incur within one full year:

  • 30-35% of energy would be saved; and
  • 100% savings would be generated with regard to potential repair and maintenance work when hiring a process cooling system from Trane’s reliable fleet, as the chiller would be under Trane’s maintenance during the rental period.

Trane successfully managed to secure the client with full confidence, thus deploying the process cooling solution to the site along with all the related accessories. 

Trane is a renowned and established name in the industry and can supply our clients with the most comprehensive solution to meet their required process cooling needs. Our experienced team of rental technicians do the necessary assessments of all our clients’ unique requirements and follow up with the most suited short- or long-term chiller rental solution to suit their needs and budget.

Should you require a cooling solution for your business when those unforeseen emergencies occur, or simply require additional cooling systems during a peak period, consider speaking to one of our expert rental agents. Our diverse range of chiller fleets are available for rental, whether short-term or long-term, and we are able to customise a solution to fit your requirements. Trane provides process cooling alternatives available for rental which cater to industrial applications, such as temperature control solutions for chilled water supply, or negative degrees/glycol applications which require customised chilled water solutions. Our units also cater to your requirements for backup cooling solutions and emergency cooling solutions. Our process cooling solutions cater to a variety of businesses operating within the food and beverage industry, chemical industry and more.

We can assist you with whatever you may need, helping you cut costs while also saving on energy, repairs and maintenance work in the process. Reach out to Trane today for the most comprehensive and viable solution to meet all your process cooling needs.