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Why Your Business in Dubai Needs a Short – or Long-Term Chiller Rental

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Having a chiller system is an expensive affair for any business. Thus, it may be a more cost-effective solution for you to consider renting an additional chiller during the hotter months in the United Arab Emirates to cope with seasonal fluctuations. As the hotter months approach, there is a greater demand for chilling and cooling systems, particularly in Dubai. Many businesses, such as those within the frozen food industries, rely on short-term or long-term chiller rentals to supply their quality foods year-round. We discuss how renting a chiller can benefit your business below in Dubai.

Industries dealing in food and beverage, plastics, pharmaceuticals, cement, chemicals and special events rely heavily on process cooling systems. Chillers need to be well-maintained and remain compliant and readily available at your disposal so that you can continue to operate effectively, whether in the short-term or long-term. Ensure that you opt for a rental company that is skilled and professional so that your products and income is not compromised in this regard.

Should you happen to run into an emergency, our cooling rentals are at your service, with our fully trained rental services team being well-equipped to deal with all your emergencies. Should you have a pop-up cooling emergency, we cater to your emergencies with extreme delicacy and dedication and you can continue to operate effectively in those emergency situations. Our chiller rental systems are the ideal solution for the long- or short-term here in Dubai and the rest of the UAE.

Learn more about how our process cooling solutions for rent can benefit your company in Dubai by reading our case study.

If you own a corporate enterprise, you may experience times of year when you have to plan for scheduled maintenance of your electrical substations. As you will have to upgrade your electrical substation to accommodate updated load requirements, you may need to ensure that you are able to keep your refreshments and other factors temperature-controlled when shutting down your electrical substation for maintenance. Renting a chiller in Dubai in circumstances like these, whether for the short- or long-term, is a great way to ensure that your business stays operational and ensure the temperature control is maintained. Our excellent team is experienced in advising clients on the best options for these uncomfortable situations and pop-up emergencies.

We have a broad variety of cooling capacities in our inventory of chiller rental solutions that are perfect for businesses based in Dubai, which consists of more than 130 equipment pieces. Our unique models range from 24TR to 410TR. Should you require higher capacity equipment, we are able to combine a number of our units to and tailor them according to your specific needs. Depending on what you may require, some of our models come equipped with the following features:

– Low noise

– High performance

– High reliability

– Designed and customized for temporary cooling applications

– Advanced technology equipment

– Less power consumption

– High Coefficient of Performance (CoP)

– Smaller footprint for easy installation on site

Renting a chiller system in Dubai from a reputable company comes with a variety of benefits. Should your business experience an issue with your current process cooling system, Trane is available to assist with all your emergency pop-up needs. There may also be certain time periods throughout the year where your business has to plan for electrical substation maintenance, which could affect your product or service offering. 

Trane chiller rental ensures that you keep your temperatures controlled and your environment conducive. Our turnkey solutions offered will meet your needs, with our highly skilled technicians able to perform a site inspection and recommend the best chiller system for rental, so that you do not have to experience discomfort or frustration in keeping your operations performing the way they should.

Additionally, we specialise in providing regular maintenance of all our chiller systems to ensure they remain compliant. At Trane, we realise that compromising your revenue stream and product line is not an option. That is why we are committed to meeting all the unique demands of our clients’ businesses, handling each individual case with understanding and care.

Whether your business may need short-term or long-term solutions to process cooling, we offer our turnkey chiller rental solutions for companies in Dubai. From industrial applications requiring a diversity of chiller unit sizes and backup cooling applications, to ensure that your overnight emergency cooling issues are dealt with, we can cater to your special needs and requirements. We make sure to supply our customers with end-to-end services that cater to their comfort, are energy-saving, and do not break the bank. Reach out to our rental services team today.