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How Renting a Chiller for Process Cooling Can Benefit You

Renting a Chiller for Process Cooling Can Benefit You

Businesses across all sectors and industries use chillers in their operations. Whether it be to ensure a constant cold temperature for food and beverages, products and machinery, or chemicals, or implemented in injection moulding, having a working, functional chiller is a necessity for many organisations. 

As such, many business owners assume that the best move to make is to invest in a chiller. Yes, it makes sense in theory to purchase a piece of equipment that plays an essential role in your process. But in practice, however, you will soon find that renting might have been the better option.

If you find yourself faced with the tough choice of deciding between renting or buying, then we’re here to help. Today, we explore how renting a chiller for process cooling can be more convenient and efficient for your daily operations. 

Benefits of renting a chiller for process cooling



The needs of businesses tend to change over time, and as a result, you could find yourself needing to change your chiller. For instance, if you decide to downgrade your business to a smaller space but you own a chiller meant for a larger space, you’ll need to purchase a more suitable alternative. This is a waste of time and money. Our chillers are designed in a way that accommodates partial capacities – meaning that downgrading will not be an issue.

And, of course, the adverse is also true. If you’re in need of higher production capacity in your plant during the summer season or are planning to expand your production to a larger space, then you’ll need additional chillers or cooling capacities.

By renting, you can easily adapt your chiller system to meet your needs. All you’ll need to do is approach your provider and swap your current chiller for a better fit. This also ensures that your process cooling operations aren’t inconvenienced at any point.

And speaking of inconvenience, another perk about renting chillers is that when you require expanded capacity with seasonal change – like when summer comes around and temperatures soar, prompting the need for more or bigger chillers.


Not only is it easier to process an exchange of units if something is damaged or not working with a rental unit than if you had purchased it, but your rental fee also covers regular maintenance and servicing to ensure your equipment remains functional and in working condition. This saves you time, money and effort in finding a competent repairman or maintenance team when your machine needs to be fixed or checked out.

Guaranteed quality and safety

When renting from an established firm like Trane, you can rest assured that you’re receiving a quality, functional and safe machine and be shown how it works and how to operate it effectively by your supplier. Furthermore, will have a range of chillers available to meet all your process cooling needs. All you need to do is let your supplier know what you need and they will provide you with high-quality rental chiller units.


At Trane, we take great care in providing turnkey, tailor-made solutions for our clients. So, when we were approached by a business that faced challenges of inefficiency with their in-house chiller system, we set about identifying ways to resolve the issue and provided an effective process cooling solution. 

Once Trane’s reliable process cooling system was rented and implemented, the desired outcome was achieved and the company lowered their energy usage by 30-35%. This is because our equipment uses advanced technology that ensures less power consumption. 

Furthermore, our chillers have a high Coefficient of Performance (CoP), which results in a much easier installation onsite and leaves a smaller carbon footprint – making it the perfect solution for companies who are looking for greener alternatives.

Learn more about how you can save energy by renting a process cooling solution from Trane.


Process cooling systems don’t come cheap and can be quite a costly investment for businesses to take on. The payment might be once-off, but the steep purchase could have a severe impact on capital and cash flow. Not to mention the recurring expenses that come with owning a chiller, such as services, maintenance and repairs. 

When you rent a chiller from Trane, however, the monthly payments are much easier on your budget and allow for better cash flow. And when it comes to the potential repair and maintenance work, you can enjoy 100% savings as your chiller will be under Trane’s maintenance for the duration of your rental period. 

If you need a little bit more persuading, read our article on “Why Your Business in Dubai Needs a Chiller Rental”.

Why rent a process cooling solution from Trane?

Trane offers a diverse range of process cooling solutions, catering to a wide range of businesses that include those in industries like food and beverage, cement, chemical, pharmaceuticals and plastics. 

No matter what your needs are, we are confident that we have the ideal solution to meet them all:

Industrial applications:

Whether you need a short- or long-term process cooling solution, Trane provides an end-to-end service that includes supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance. Trane’s fleet offers a wider range of chiller unit sizes, ranging from 200-1,400 KW of cooling. So, if you need an industrial, tailor-made temperature solution for your business, we’re here to help.

Backup cooling:

Need extra equipment to get you through the UAE’s sweltering summers? Or just need more capacity than expected? Trane can help. Such applications require a dedicated approach, including equipment supply, setup, commissioning and monitoring efforts for covering gaps at the client’s site. And we’re up to the challenge!

Emergency cooling: 

Emergencies can pop up unexpectedly and it pays to be ready. The Trane Rental Services team shares responsibilities with our customers and works closely with them on their emergency cooling requirements. We are fully dedicated, devoted and ready to take ownership of the responsibility. Now, overnight emergencies don’t have to be a nightmare anymore, as Trane’s team is well-equipped and capable of fulfilling your pop-up cooling needs.


Get in contact with us today to find the perfect chiller rental for all your process cooling needs.