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Why Your Business Should Get a Chiller Rental in Abu Dhabi

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Enterprises in Abu Dhabi are seeing an increasing demand for a chiller system in order to ensure that business continues as usual. Purchasing a chiller system is a long-term investment, thus requiring a hefty upfront payment and costly ongoing maintenance over time. Opting for a short- or long-term chiller rental in Abu Dhabi and in the UAE can prove to be a better alternative and comes with a host of add-on benefits for your business. Keep reading below to learn more about how your business can benefit from renting a chiller system with Trane.

Industries that require chiller systems

There is a broad range of industries that require a chiller system that will perform optimally to ensure that business processes remain unaffected and ongoing. Businesses that operate within pharmaceuticals, chemicals, plastics, and food and beverage—to name a few—require chillers that are regularly maintained and at their disposal so that business can continue without any operational downtime. Due to the extreme seasonal changes and warm climate in Abu Dhabi, short- or long-term renting a chiller system during the hotter months—or when an emergency occurs—is a way of guaranteeing that you get to achieve this.

Trane’s chiller rental service offering

Trane is a professional company with a specialisation in chiller rental in Abu Dhabi and the rest of the UAE. We offer both short-term and long-term chiller rentals to meet your process cooling requirements, with our expert team available to assist with your emergency cooling and backup cooling solutions. Our fleet of varied chiller units is at your disposal, offering an energy-saving and cost-effective alternative to purchasing a new chiller system. Trane’s chiller rental systems are used for space cooling, events cooling, and comfort cooling applications.

The benefits of a chiller rental in Abu Dhabi

Renting a chiller system from a reputable company, in the short- or long-term, comes with a variety of benefits. Should your business experience an issue with your current process cooling system, Trane is available to assist with all your emergency pop-up needs. There may also be certain time periods throughout the year where your business has to plan for electrical substation maintenance, which could affect your product or service offering.

Trane chiller rental ensures that you keep your temperatures controlled and your environment conducive for your business in Abu Dhabi. Our turnkey solutions offered will meet your needs, with our highly skilled technicians able to perform a site inspection and recommend the best chiller system for rental in Abu Dhabi, so that you do not have to experience discomfort or frustration in keeping your operations performing the way they should.

Additionally, we specialise in providing regular maintenance of all our chiller systems to ensure they remain compliant for you and your business in Abu Dhabi. At Trane, we realise that compromising your revenue stream and product line is not an option. That is why we are committed to meeting all the unique demands of our clients’ businesses, handling each individual case with understanding and care.

Trane’s range of chiller systems available for rental

Here in Abu Dhabi and the rest of the UAE, Trane chiller rental service is able to meet lower and higher capacity requirements where it concerns an expert chiller system. With over 130 chiller systems in our inventory, we can provide you and your business with a tailored solution that meets your individual needs. Our personally designed models span 24TR to 410TR. If your business requires a higher capacity chiller system for the long- or short-term, our end-to-end solutions include the ability to combine a variety of our units and provide you with a customised alternative. We pride ourselves on our expertly designed process cooling solutions that consume minimal energy and offer exceptional execution.

Some of the features of our models include their high reliability and performance, minimal noise, low power consumption, the latest technology, a high Coefficient of Performance (CoP), and a small-scale footprint that ensures easy on-site installation. Our temporary cooling applications are designed and tailor-made to meet the requirements of our clients’ process cooling needs.

If your business requires a short- or long-term chiller rental in Abu Dhabi or the UAE, such as a backup cooling solution for industrial applications—or experiences an emergency that requires swift action to meet its process cooling needs—Trane chiller rental service is available to offer our expert assistance. Our broad spectrum of chiller units ensures that you are provided with an energy-saving chiller rental solution that, in turn, does not gravely affect your budget, all the while guaranteeing your comfort and peace of mind. 

Get in touch with our highly skilled and experienced rental agents to discuss how we can assist your business today.