Space cooling solutions for the construction industry

Construction sites can be a pretty stressful, loud, and uncomfortable environment to be in. This is why temporary cooling solutions for the construction industry are essential for those always on the construction site. The best of these solutions is Wild Air Cooling.  Wild air is one of the primary cooling solutions needed for projects that […]

Trane temporary cooling solutions – event cooling solutions in the Middle East

Planning events in a hot climate can be a nightmare for any event company if you do not have the correct chilling and cooling systems for your clients’ food, drinks, and overall space. Places like the Middle East are notorious for having sweltering temperatures, making any business event hard to enjoy for guests if there […]

Cold storage rental as a temporary cooling solution in the Middle East

Why you should choose Cold Storage Rental  Many business owners choose to buy cold storage containers, which is often a good idea at first but later turns out to be more costly in the long run due to the need for ongoing maintenance and repairs. In this article, we discuss the benefits of renting cold […]

Energy Saving Through Renting Process Cooling Solutions

Trane is a professional company that provides tailor-made solutions to all of our clients. We take into account the unique needs and requirements of the job specification and the client after conducting a site inspection. Trane met with a premium food engineering team to address the issues they were experiencing in terms of their in-house […]

How Renting a Chiller for Process Cooling Can Benefit You

Businesses across all sectors and industries use chillers in their operations. Whether it be to ensure a constant cold temperature for food and beverages, products and machinery, or chemicals, or implemented in injection moulding, having a working, functional chiller is a necessity for many organisations.  As such, many business owners assume that the best move […]

Applied vs Unitary Approach: Why It’s Better to Opt for a Comprehensive Cold Storage Solution

Most – if not all – businesses around the UAE, across all sectors and industries, have a need for cold storage at one point in their operations or another. From companies in the medical field to those that deal with produce and perishables, it is vital to have a system in place that keeps products […]

Why Your Business Should Get a Chiller Rental in Abu Dhabi

Enterprises in Abu Dhabi are seeing an increasing demand for a chiller system in order to ensure that business continues as usual. Purchasing a chiller system is a long-term investment, thus requiring a hefty upfront payment and costly ongoing maintenance over time. Opting for a short- or long-term chiller rental in Abu Dhabi and in […]

Why Your Business in Dubai Needs a Short – or Long-Term Chiller Rental

Having a chiller system is an expensive affair for any business. Thus, it may be a more cost-effective solution for you to consider renting an additional chiller during the hotter months in the United Arab Emirates to cope with seasonal fluctuations. As the hotter months approach, there is a greater demand for chilling and cooling […]

Wild Air Cooling and it’s benefits.

Wild Air Cooling is a great solution for those seeking the following benefits. Objectives of temporary cooling solution at the site (Wild Air): Controlling the humidity and high ambient temperatures found on-site during the peak summer months. Interior design/finishing works require a consistent room temperature in order to cure correctly, without damage and the resulting […]